Menace Ape 1.50'' 14'' Black Throttle By Wire

The Menace Ape features a new, more aggressive, bend in the uprights. Similar to the Evil Ape with its sharp corners this bar has more attitude than any other bar in our lineup. Throttle By Wire bars will work on a bike with a cable or electronic throttle.

Now in 1.50" diameter, these bars will require a 1.50" diameter riser please see our Riser section for options.

These bars are also equipped for Electronic throttle and drilled for internal wiring. Grip sections are 1.00" in diameter (will fit stock harley controls).

This 1.5" bar WILL NOT work with a factory hydraulic clutch.

- Thickness: 1.50" in.

- Width: 35" in.

- Pullback (depth): 7" in.

- Rise (height): 14” in.
- Center Width: 11.5" in (measured from center of the bend to center of the bend).
- Grip sections taper to 1" diameter to be used with 1" hand controls and grips.
- Bars are Pre-drilled for internal wiring.
- Handlebars are equipped for Throttle By Wire (Electronic Throttle).


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