Flying Ape 1.25'' 16'' Chrome Throttle By Wire

Our radiused sweeping style brought a fresh new revision of the ape hanger style. Looks like our original ape hangers at 120 MPH. Design lends itself to a more comfortable ride through increased pullback. Throttle By Wire bars will work on a bike with a cable or electronic throttle.

Available in stepped (for 1 inch riser) and non-stepped models (1.25" risers).

Handlebar is knurled and set up for any 1.25" riser at 3.5" spacing.

This bar is also equipped with Throttle By wire, which means it can be used on electronic throttle bikes. Please see our FAQ section for a complete explanation.

- Thickness: 1.25" in.
- Width: 34.5" in.
- Pullback (depth): 12" in.
- Rise (height): 16" in.
- Center width (center bend to center bend): 11"

Patented Design! #D542197 - This is a Carlini Patented Design. Made and manufactured in the USA!


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