With a lifetime passion for anything on wheels and the never ending desire for the best of the best it was combining the two that had Elite Custom Parts come to life. So not wanting to settle for anything less than the leading brands of aftermarket parts and accessories meant the first brand to get on board was not only beyond exciting but one that held me true to my desires.

At Elite Custom Parts our aim is to take all the hassle out of buying overseas, sorting freighting and then hoping you got it right and it arrives in a reasonable time frame and condition. We currently have shipments arriving every 14 days and will happily do whatever we can to get things here even faster if required.

We are busy working behind the scenes to lock down a range of the very best brands, being fussy about who we want in our family. We pride ourselves on a seamless purchasing process making all your purchases as easy as the click of a button.

Elite Custom Parts is a wholesale distributor only ensuring through our retail partners that products that were hard or even impossible to get before will now be easy. This also means that having retailers throughout the country no matter where you are someone near you that has access to supply and fit all of our products for you.

For any retailers that want to be a retailer/fitter of the Elite Custom Parts product range please email info@elitecustom.co.nz with a brief company profile and location.